Papadopoulos Petit Beurre Biscuits With Chocolate – 200G


200 Grams

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The first PAPADOPOULOS PETIT BEURRE biscuit was made in 1922 in the kitchen of the Papadopoulos family in Constantinople. Today, PETIT BEURRE biscuits keep the first place in our hearts thanks to their original, unique taste and they are the favorite biscuit of all ages.
Apart from their delicious flavor, they are also nutritious since they are based on cereals and constitute a very good suggestion for breakfast or any time of the day, in the framework of a healthy diet. Moreover, they can serve as a snack or part of a snack (see examples below). They are rich in carbohydrates, nutrients that are necessary for a healthy body, and they help us maintain our dietary balance on a daily basis.

However, if you prefer a double delight, then PAPADOPOULOS PETIT BEURRE with milk chocolate is ideal for you. A unique combination of biscuit and chocolate for double pleasure. They offer the delight of real chocolate, maintaining all the nutritional characteristics of your favorite PAPADOPOULOS PETIT BEURRE biscuits

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 5.5 × 2 in